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In Deepest Sympathy










Photo- Album



This is my tribute to all of those countries around the world who have people either listed as dead or missing in this unfathomable tragedy 

To hear the National anthem of the Country, please click the flag of your choice.  

I have been unable to find the Anthem for South Korea at this time, if anyone has it, please email me a link or the midi file. 

I have also included Scotland separately as this is my own country and a number of Scots are reported amongst the casualties. And please take this page as what it is, a tribute to those people. 

If any of the anthems or flags are incorrect, please email me to correct the situation.

My thoughts are with everyone still awaiting news. May that news be that which you wish to hear.







Sound files courtesy of     Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.