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DVD releases worldwide have been structured into "Regions".

There are 6 in total, and these can be viewed on the map here.

Region coding allows a movie to be released in one "Area" at a time, thus the staggering of releases is common. Some region's discs will also hold more "extra features" than another (Region 1 (US&Canada) discs tend to contain much more than the same Region 2 (UK&WesternEurope) discs.)

This has led to "Chipping" and "Hacking" DVD players to allow playing more than one Region type on your player. As you have probably guessed or heard by now, the Aiwa and the LG has one such hack as detailed below in 6 easy steps:

(this hack also works on selected other LG models)

  1. Power on player with no disc inserted and wait for "No Disc" message on screen

  2. (using the remote) Press PAUSE

  3. Press the numbers 314159 in order. (player should now show "COdE - -" the same as below)

  4. Press the number of the region you desire ( 0 = any region, 1 = US&Canada etc.)

  5. Press PAUSE

  6. Power off the player for a few seconds..power back up and insert your DVD disc!

If it doesn't work first time around, just restart the procedure from the beginning! Persevere, there are no known reports of an Aiwa or a later 3350 not accepting the hack. It should also be noted that, for some strange reason, the Aiwa and LG's will still play Region 2 discs if set to Region 1 (as well as playing the Region 1 discs!!)

However, "What about RCE discs?" would be the next relevant question...for that click here.

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