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Regional Coding Enhancement (R.C.E.)


By now you will have heard of the "dreaded" RCE discs. Simply put, Regional Coding Enhancement is a code on the disc that doesn't check only that the player is from the same region area as the disc, but also that it is not a "hacked" or "modified" player.

RCE titles can be identified by the "region map" (below)  displayed on an incorrect region, or modified player.

There are several workarounds for RCE titles.

Firstly, if your player accepts manual region entry, simply set the region to the same as that intended for the disc.

Secondly, if your player only accepts "region 0" or "region bypass", firstly load a disc of the correct region that does not carry RCE coding. Then eject the disc, and insert the RCE disc without turning off the power.

If the disc then plays by the map above, the title should happily play in your player. There are a limited few players that cannot handle RCE titles, but these are, thenkfully, in the minority.

I'm happy to report that the Aiwa 370 and the LG 3350 are not affected by RCE, and can actually play the discs whilst in Region 0 mode, as well as manually entering the region.


The Patriot was the first Region 1 disc released with RCE coding, followed shortly afterwards by "Christmas in South Park", and apparently. "Hollow Man".

The scene above is amongst most people's favourites from The Patriot as the bouncing cannonball rips off the head of one of the Colonial soldiers!!

And is that Richard Gere we see on the right acting as an extra...........?

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