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The Aiwa 370 is the latest all singing, all dancing budget priced DVD player to hit the UK market.

With an already discovered Region hack, it's fast becoming a competitor to the larger DVD brands.

Closely modelled on the LG 3350, the Aiwa has the ability to play DVD, CDAudio, VCD, CDR, CDRW and MP3 media.

It cannot, however play SVCD.

Main differences between the LG 3350 and the Aiwa are the LG's Dolby Digital outputs and twin scarts, whereas the Aiwa has one scart and no built in decoder for Dolby, and the addition of VCD "PBC" (Play Back Control).

The Aiwa does, however have Dolby Digital and DTS digital output connectors as can be viewed on the Outside the 370 page.

Anyways.. Enough about the comparisons to the LG..let's get to what your really here for..


The AIWA 370!!