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The "Duke"


The Ironduke is one of the mystical figures of the DVD Reviewer forums. His site, the Hitachi Syndicate, lists updates and tweaks for Hitachi merchandise.

Sadly, this man is infatuated with the Hitachi brand, and will not allow himself to experience the glory of the Aiwa 370 DVD player, preferring his Hitachi 505 instead.

This, however, should not be held against him..he was, remember, the man who first put me on the trail of the Aiwa, but I believe even he didn't realise the power of the suggestion he made.

Were it not for this man, thousands of us Aiwa owners would not enjoy the quality we have at present, and likewise many LG 3350 owners.

The question is though..this picture shows a man..and some subtitles..and these subtitles just happen to be the very phrase the Duke can be seen hurtling around the, could it be?

Is this the first internet viewing of the ACTUAL Ironduke?

Only time will tell.....


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