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Firmware is the program that makes all our DVD players operate.

The firmware tells the player which kind of disc has been inserted, and how to read the content.


This is held on a chip, usually the one that needs “re-programming” or “hacking” to allow the operation of other region coded discs.

Usually the firmware will contain the setup information for all aspects of the player’s performance, i.e. TV output etc. and tells the appropriate chip on the decoder card what to do.

Without this chip, your player is just a pile of components that can’t play anything!


On Some players, the firmware also allows the enabling and disabling of the dreaded “Macrovision” copy protection system, however, the Aiwa 370 isn't one of them.

Macrovision can have an adverse effect on some projection screen TV’s, so choose carefully before buying a player if you have a projection screen set.


Several devices are available for external removal of the Macro signal for those players that do not have an option of “disable”

These devices connect between the video output of the player, and the A/V input of the TV. They usually have a mains supply too.

Their effectiveness can only be rated by trying them out.

Some of the more unfortunate amongst us (myself included) have to use a VCR to route the DVD signal due to the lack of appropriate connections on the TV set, however there are “unscrupulous” individuals who also want to remove Macro to make “bootleg” or “pirate” VHS copies of DVD movies on their VCR’s, however, due to the quality drop from DVD, these are more of the minority rather than the majority.

Not all external macro disablers will allow a VCR to record from DVD, as the macro signal from a DVD disc is far more severe than that from a video tape.


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