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Name: Jimbo! :oř                         

Age:    32                

Marital Status:  Single! lol (look at the above pic for the reason! aaaggh)

Occupation:   Deputy Manager in an Electrical Superstore

Hobbies:   Remixing music using CD players & Writers,Messing around on the   web,oh, and of course, watching stuff on my AIWA 370!!! :o)

Experience:  Over 18 years Retail experience,10 of which are in Electrical. Did 51/2 years as a Divisional Merchandiser

Special talents:   Able to tune any TV or Video manufactured to date without seeing the instruction manual!?!

Bad habits:   Smoke like a chimney, swear like a trooper!

Good Habits:   Errrmm... none! lol

Claim to Fame:   Discovered the now famous Aiwa 370 multi region hack  (Even though them LG 3350 boys tried to nick it as theirs!)

Favourite DVD title:   The Great Escape! (Buy it guy''s amazing on DVD!)


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