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Owners of Japanese and US models of the Aiwa 370 can use the hack to make their players multi region, just like ours here in the UK and Europe.

However, unless the inserted disc is in the NTSC format, the player will return "Check Disc" on screen.
(eg: A Japanese Region 2 disc will play fine, as these are NTSC coded, but a UK PAL Region 2 disc will give the error message)

Unfair, isn't it? And until now, led to desparation of US and Jap player owners!
Not any more!
This is what you've been waiting for! How to ADD the NTSC/PAL/AUTO switch to your US/JAP 370!!
(This will still require a TV or monitor capable of displaying a PAL signal!)

If you do not want to cut the rear casing of your player, then I suggest solder bridging the same contacts that the switch makes when  it's in AUTO position, or as Rob did here, fit a surface mounted switch that is only changeable from inside the player!

The picture above is an unmodified US/Jap 370 board as supplied in an Aiwa

Here we see the UK switch modifications overlaid on the previous picture (minus the switch itself)

R501 is actually R601! (sorry) And it's a 47K 1/6W 5 TA26 resistor, W654 is only a wire bridge, and lastly, a wire bridge needs to be inserted at W640. Then just fit the switch and Bingo! (pics below are the modified Jap player!)

These are top and bottom pictures of W640 wire bridge. Thanks go to Rob in Tokyo for testing out that these modifications were successful.

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